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  - starting from basic investment principles, while slowly building up to other key concepts that are crucial for every new or experienced trader. Investing should be for everyone, and that is why we are eager to share with you our best financial expertise and market philosophy. The ultimate goal is to make every person understand how the market works, how to apply our analysis and lastly, how to take their own financial decisions.

About us

We live by our mission.

Removing investing complexity. Improving people's financial decision-making skills.
Our educational portal was started by 2 young men, all with a solid background in finance and banking, with different career paths but with similar goals. The experience that we offer is diverse; ranging from academic credentials, to providing trading scenarios for different investors and institutions. All of this is based on a methodology that we customized and adopted (wave analysis, fractal patterns, market geometry, support & resistance, order blocks etc.) in order to help us trade and analyze a wide range of assets with ease.
Financial Market Strategy Chart

Currently we focus on providing educational materials for all our readers via our social media platforms (where we invite you to follow us in order to be up to date) as well as bringing you the best technical and fundamental analysis for the most important market instruments on our TradingView page.

We offer full transparency:
We don’t promise overnight riches. If you want to learn the valuable skill of investing and how to build up your portfolio over time, we’d be happy to help you grow.
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