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is an educational platform, having as a sole purpose the desire to educate and inform finance enthusiasts from all around the world about the financial market. This will be achieved through a constant instructive stream that can help each and everyone reach their investment goal.

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Removing investing complexity. Improving people's financial decision-making skills.
Investing should be for everyone, and that is why we are eager to share with you our best financial expertise and market philosophy. The ultimate goal is to make every person understand how the market works, how to apply our analysis and lastly, how to take their own financial decisions.
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Frequently asked questions.

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What do you offer?                                              
We offer a weekly financial outlook in addition to educational materials that can be used by our readers in order to help them improve their trading strategy – starting from the basic principles of Forex, Stock Market & Crypto Market to having a clear and concise idea of what risk and money management principles are, and how they play a crucial role when trading.
How do I join your community?                       
To join the trading community, you have to create a Patreon account and subscribe to one of our tiers by clicking this link here.
In maximum 12 hours after you have subscribed to one of our Patreon Tiers, you will receive an email from us with an invitation link to our Discord Community.
What financial instruments do you cover?                 
We offer a free bi-monthly (twice a month) fundamental analysis for the stock market and a free weekly market outlook for the major forex pairs, the most important commodity instruments and the most popular cryptocurrencies.
Do you offer a refund?                                         
Financial Flagship takes no responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of our trading setups. By signing up you fully accept that we don’t provide investment services and that any advice that you follow is taken in at your own risk, as we have no knowledge on how you operate and the amount of risk you are willing to take in with every trade. Therefore, the subscription fee can’t be refunded and it can only be canceled.
How do I cancel my community subscription?         
Click here for instructions on cancelling your subscription.
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